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The Florida Sexual Crimes Investigators Association is dedicated to enhancing the quality of investigations of sexual crimes.   Training and a forum has been provided to a network of investigators and prosecutors throughout the state to discuss and exchange information related to sex crimes, case management, and operational issues.  The Association supports cooperation between local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies as well as SANE and other individuals engaged in such investigations.

The Association consists of more than 300 members which represent a wide array of law enforcement disciplines. These members provide a rich background of knowledge and expertise from line investigators to lab scientists, from probation and parole officers to prosecutors, and attorneys associated with investigative agencies.  Association members are responsible for the investigation and prosecution of crimes such as physical and sexual child abuse, neglect, adult sexual battery, and sex-related homicides within their respective jurisdictions. 

The Association's Board of Directors is made up of law enforcement investigators, supervisors, and prosecutors who specialize in sexual crimes from different judicial circuits across the state. The Association sponsors several sexual crime related seminars each year throughout the state attempting to "regionalize" the training so that it is available to the largest possible audience.  Many of these seminars are offered free of charge.  Training topics have included legislative and case law updates, DNA technology, child interviewing techniques, offender interrogation, pedophile profiles, case studies, investigator burnout, serial sexual homicide, and many other related subjects.  Association members look forward to the Annual Training Conference, a week long "feast" of information exchange and networking. 

The value of membership in the Association lies in the numerous, excellent, no cost or reduced cost training opportunities made available throughout the year.  Members receive a discounted tuition rate for the annual conference and advance notification regarding training dates, locations, and topics.  The Association's Legislative Committee is involved in the review and formulation of new laws affecting sexual crime investigations and prosecutions.  Input of Association members in this endeavor is welcomed.

If you have an interest in legislative issues, our Legislative Committee provides a forum for your opinion.  Membership in the Association continues to grow, providing a large and diverse networking base. 

Together we can learn new ideas and improve educational opportunities. Together we can work to improve response to victims of sexual violence.  Together just makes sense!!

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